DAT Express is equipped with a dashboard for displaying important transportation news as well as the inbound and outbound trucks for each state based on equipment type.  The information displayed here is from data within the last 24 hours, directly from DAT's database.

Clicking any of the totals in either the IN or OUT columns will automatically run a search showing the trucks available to or from that state.

In the Loads for field, select the equipment type you are inquiring about and click the Select button.  The graph will be updated with the most recent data.

You can click the refresh button at any time to update the total load counts with the most recent data.

The lighter shade represents the number of inbound trucks to that state where the darker shade represents the number of outbound trucks.

This information can be very useful with determining what states have a demand for trucks and what states do not.  Trucks in demand command a higher rate, so use the dashboard to determine where you may have to pay a higher rate.

Note:  Totals seen here include intrastate trucks as well.