Once you are logged in, go to account.dat.com.

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Click on Account.
  3. Click the Add Payment Method button to view the following screen

  4. Complete the following fields.  (*asterisks* indicate the field is required)
    • Cardholder name:  The name how it appears on the credit card
    • Card number:  The credit card number.  Once entered, the system will automatically determine what type of card it is (eg. Visa, MasterCard, etc)
    • Expiration Date:  Enter the Month and Year of expiration
    • CVV Code:  Security code on the back of most cards
    • Billing Address:
      • First Name
      • Last Name
      • Street Address
      • City
      • State/Province
      • Zip/Postal
      • Country (Cards with an address outside the US, Mexico, or Canada are not accepted)
    • Set as auto payment:  Select this to make the new payment method available for Auto Pay.  Selecting this option will remove the Auto Pay from any other card on file.

  5. Click Save to add the payment method

Both payment methods will now be on file.